Monday, 13 May 2013

The Ride East Coast

Hello everyone hope you have all been well.
Sorry for not writing for the last 4 months. We had a very busy summer on the beach and every time I was free I had something on. I'm excited to write to you all again and give you a little laugh and something positive to think about.

As I said above our summer as lifeguards has been very busy this year. We had a lot of warm sunny beautiful days. A few crap ones but that doesn't matter :) . This summer season was my 6th season as a lifeguard 2nd year as a seasonal lifeguard. I can still proudly say I love my job and the team I work with. It has taken a few years to get to where I am now I don't regret one thing, some good some bad but that's life. Obviously if you were in an emergency job for 6 years you would see a few things. Some of you may know that sometimes lifeguards respond to more serious incidents, having cliffs around bondi, Bronte,Tamarama police sometimes call us for people that have either jumped or fallen off these cliffs. I have dealt with 3 and the most recent one was 1month ago myself and jesse responded to a deceased person in the water off Bronte point. I know this is a dark bit for my blog but its sad that this is becoming more common we have had 4 call outs this month for people jumping. Anyway in the last 3 months I have been a proud ambassador for headspace ( youth suicide prevention bullying, depression, homophobia) I went down to Melbourne 3 days after that recent body retrieval to talk to a group of people in Mel CBD about why I am a proud ambassador for headspace . I told everyone the truth it's because I don't want to continue seeing young people giving up on life there is so much to live for, I know I'm not doctor and this isn't my field if you are reading this you are special and unique there is help out there people to talk to.  "LIFE IS GOING TO BE LONG AND TOUGH, BUT  HEY  LET'S MAKE IT FUN" 

On a lighter note a lot of you that follow Instagram and Twitter will see myself and Jesse talking about The Ride East Coast. I am going to explain to you all what it is. We are Riding jetski's from Sydney to cairns. That's about 2,500km of open ocean. We will be travelling roughly 150km a day, we will be fundraising along the way to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. The charity we are fundraising for is ( headspace) We need your help to raise funds to make this trip possible. We need to make $100,000 in 40 days from a $5pledge to $3000, you can pledge from anywhere in the world. If we can make this film  we will be changing young people's lives all over the world and that's the main reason why we are doing this for everyone at home that is feeling down we want to show you how fun life can be.
BE APART OF THE RIDE............

Please check out the video and pledge if you can.

Have a view of the website and have a look at the trailer for the Ride.

This week on Thursday the 16th - Thursday 23rd Myself  and Jesse  will be driving cars up to the Gold Coast to spread the word about TheRideEastCoast if you live between Sydney and Goldcoast watch twitter and Instagram to see where we are and come  say g'day  and help support this worthy cause.

Thank you to everyone hope you have a good day

Thanks to all the sponsors so far ( Sydney Seadoo, Audi Sydney , headspace )

Monday, 3 December 2012


 Big hello to everyone out there.

I hope everyone is well. For the next two weeks I will be working at Tamarama beach aka as Glamarama because of the location and the beautiful ladies and men that sun-bake on the beach (depends what you are in to haha), anyway it's a good beach to work at it can be quiet when it's not sunny and when we close the beach, But on a busy day we can get up 5-7 thousand people at one time in a stretch of 75m across the shore and 150m from water’s edge to back of beach it's a small area but can get pretty crazy with rescues and rock injuries. Tamarama is roughly 1.5 km south from Bondi it is a very dangerous beach due to how open it is to all swell direction, with rocks on both sides of the beach it can cause a permanent rips at each end, I personally have done some of the hardest rescues in my life-guarding career there and can be scary at times :), Tamarama is in the top 3 most dangerous beach on the east coast of Australia. For everyone that reads this make sure if you come to this beach on a holiday check that the red and yellow flags are up, If not I recommend you don't swim there go to the next beach over Bronte or Bondi, if you are unsure talk to the lifeguards and they can help you. :)

Myself and Yak doing a rescue off the twins

 some of the hardest rescues have been preformed on a jet ski a lady snapped this shot of me and jesse doing some training in surf between Tamarama and Bronte a couple of months ago.

Traveler checks

This week we have a chat to Patty and Seamus :)

On A Final Note 

I think it's important to get your surroundings as well as yourself into a positive state - meaning surround yourself with positive people, not the kind who are negative and jealous of everything you do.

Hope you all have a great weekend lots of love 


Monday, 19 November 2012

Where's Wally

Welcome back and ------->

I hope you are all well this post will be short and sweet.
After being away last week  I have been non stop with work and catching up on things. It has been a funny week with an all new "traveler checks" with Wally the taxi driver and the new and improved holistic fitness gym I train at below are the two videos:)

Traveler Checks

Wally the Taxi Driver

How cool is Wally!!!

The New and Improved Gym

Holistic Fitness

Worlds best Haircut

I had to ask this gentlemen at Bronte beach the other day to get a photo of the hairstyle it is up there for the best ever.

Me and Jesse last week waiting for a shark.

On a Final Note..

99% of your day can be happy and positive, But that 1% of negativity can make you have a bad minute, hour, day, week ask yourself is it really worth letting 1% of what someone said, what they did, what their thoughts were, turn you into being miserable and sad " No". Every single one of us go through this motion countless amount of times. Stop the 1% of negativity getting to you try and smile, laugh, love, think of the good times cause what goes around comes around no one wants to be mean to a nice happy person :) 

Until next week all the best stay safe 
Kerrbox and I off Ben Buckler.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Trip To Remember...

Hello everyone this blog post is about my recent trip to South Australia I hope you enjoy.

Adelaide Bound

As I woke up on Friday morning I couldn't wait to get to the airport and head off to Adelaide for 5 days. I was so excited about swimming with the sharks and visiting a few wineries. Myself, Jesse and kerrbox boarded the 6.30am flight and we were off.......

We stayed in Glenelg for two days it was a very beautiful spot, we stayed at the pier hotel right on the beach on the Friday we watched Deano and Hoppo and Harries compete for the world lifesaving titles at Christie's beach. The beaches are really nice but you won’t find me swimming in the ocean (to many sharks)    ;)

As we were at Christies beach (45 min away from where we were staying) it was so hard to get a taxi so we decided to sit down and have a beer at the surf club, I was asking kerrbox how we are going to get home :) A young local bloke over heard and offered to drive us back to Glenelg we agreed to get lift with him (P.S I don't condone riding with strangers but we were on holidays and we were up for the adventure... this is what went down  hahahaha..

We did survive the random pick up car trip :) 

The Wine Tour

On the Saturday we went on a wine tour we went to 5 different wineries it was amazing the wine tasted nice, the vineyards were beautiful and we had a delicious lunch at a winery called Woodstock. I ended up having a few wines I was very tipsy.

Shark Dive 

We arrived to Port Lincoln late Sunday night I was so excited for the dive the following day.
On Monday morning myself, Kerrbox Hoppo Deano Jesse got up at 5.30 AM and headed down to the mariner to jump on the boat and head out to Neptune Islands, That is where we were going to do the shark dive from port Lincoln to Neptune islands is about 2 1/2 hrs away. We finally arrived at the spot and we were ready to face these crazy animals.

I hope you enjoy this Post have a great week.....


Monday, 5 November 2012

Bronte And Beyond

Hello and welcome back.

Bronte Beach

As some of you may already know I don't only just work at Bondi I work at Bronte and Tamarama as well, Waverley council Lifeguards patrol the three beaches in the eastern suburbs of Sydney for the next three weeks I will be life guarding at Bronte beach.
Bronte beach is located approx 2.5 Km south of Bondi beach it is a beautiful part of Sydney. One of the best things about Bronte is that it has still got the local feel to it and has not got as many tourists as Bondi.

Great White Shark Dive

Can’t wait to swim with these crazy animals with Kerr box, Jesse, Hoppo, Deano early next week. We are all heading down to South Australia on Friday. We are staying in Glenelg for the weekend at the Pier Hotel, Then heading to Port Lincoln To swim in a cage with a few great white sharks I want to say thanks to Calypso Star Charters for the day in the cage, looking forward to be up and close to these amazing scary animals I am so excited and so are the others, we keep sending each other shark photos to syke us up its going to be Hoppos Birthday on the day so I hope the sharks are allot more angry, and give him a good birthday by biting his pinky finger off ;) hahaha .............

Traveler Checks 

On a Final Note

I hope you all have a great week; next blog will be up next Thursday with alot of footage from my trip to Adelaide SA, and the Shark dive. If you don't hear from me again you know I didn't make it :) I hope you enjoyed this Post all the best until next time..........
“In any situation, the best thing you can do is the right thing; the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do is nothing"


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Swim Between The Flags....

Hello Everyone :)

This week some of you may have seen the video I made "Swim Between The Flags." Hopefully the message got out out in to cyber space on where to swim not only at Bondi but for every patrolled beach in Australia. The reason I made the video not only for a good laugh, Its the message that is important

 Tragically 61 confirmed drownings happened in Australia last year.

Also the other messages in the video is to wear sunscreen when you are outdoors especially at the beach I can only give you the Australian statistics, Just be sun smart wherever you are in the world.

Australia has the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, with two in every three Australians developing skin cancer before the age of seventy. More than 440,000 Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer every year - 374,000 with non melanoma skin cancer and 10,600 with melanoma. Over 1,600 people die from skin cancer each year.

Enjoy the video if you have not seen it.

This week on Traveler Checks with Maxi and Beardy.

We interview a lady from Indonesia this week.
Our aim is to get a few nationality's on traveler checks to give the international viewers of my blog a little custom insight on why they love Australia and why they are in Bondi.

Fitness/ Health Tip Of The Week.

If you have never done yoga or Pilate's before I would suggest you try, Its relaxing you get a good stretch and you turn on muscles you wouldn't usually use. Funny enough I went through a yoga stage a couple of months ago I really liked it both physically and mentally. Get stretching :)

On A Final Note

This is what I believe in and we tend to forget about ourselves.

Just remember no one knows you better than you already know your self.
don't change for anyone.In life you cant please everyone but don't let that stop you being who you are and what you believe in. At the end of the day you are the one that needs to believe in your self if you worry about what others think then you will have no time to worry about yourself and the thing is you need to look after is yourself both mentally and physically.

I hope you all have a safe and great week and hope you enjoyed this post

All the best 

Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Walk In The Park

Hello And Welcome Back.

This week has been a good week and I hope you all enjoyed it wherever you are in the world.

Centennial Park Sydney.

After a long week on the beach there is nothing better than a nice stroll around Centennial Park. It’s about a 3.5 km loop I recommend if you want to get some fresh air and clear the mind get the IPod out bang on some tunes and go for a walk. Even if you don't live in Sydney go to your local park or beach and go for a stroll you will be surprised how relaxing it is.

As you all know I do like a tune that fits with what you are doing so I think this song would go good walking around a park

In Other News.

Last Monday Myself , Reidy, Bisho, Corey, Bacon were asked to do a runway walk for Bendon Underwear. I was so nervous soon as it was my turn to do the walk I tripped over and jarred my big toe I was so embarrassed everyone thought it was hilarious. 

Fun Stand up Paddle In The Harbour

On Friday myself Kerr box and Lozza went for a 2 hr Stand up paddle in the harbour, the water was glassy the sun was shining it was absolutely beautiful. I recommend you do this if you are in Sydney.
A mate of mine Belly runs a Stand up rental and lesson business in Rose Bay check it out you will love it. 

This week on Maxi and Beardys Rant.

This is the last week of the rants. For the next 5 Blog posts I will be Interviewing 5 countries from around the world it is going to be called " Traveler checks " I hope you enjoyed all of the rants, now to change it up I'll be doing something different for the next 5 weeks
 :) Stay tuned :)

On A Final Note

“Everything around us is made up of energy. To attract positive things in your life, start by giving off positive energy”

"Some people dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them."

I hope you have a safe and happy week.
 I hope you all enjoyed this post.

Lots of love